Palos Verdes Domestic Agency Palos Verdes Domestic Agency finds the best candidates for each Client's unique needs out of the many available applicants.

Our In-Depth Interviews and Screening Process Help Us to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Family

Palos Verdes Domestic Agency offers only pre-screened, qualified candidates for our Clients. We look for the most compatible, skilled candidates for each of our clients individual needs. We personally check references to ensure an applicant’s credibility and provide our clients with a work history resumé prior to interviews. After more than 35 years of owning and managing Palos Verdes Domestic Agency, Christine Powell employs her fine-tuned instincts and intuition to help with the selection of domestic employees and provide clients with successful, compatible matches. P V Domestic Agency believes success in finding a compatible employee is based on really listening and hearing the clients needs.

Our Screening Services include:

  • Criminal background search at Federal, State and County levels for the past 7 years (court house search, not just database)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) report: drivers license and motor vehicle check
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening
  • Reference verification
  • Work history resume
  • Six month employment guarantee (includes unlimited replacements)

If you have any special requirements, please just let us know and we would be happy to pre-screen and qualify the applicants for these as well, charging you at our cost.

Selection Process For our Applicants

Because it is crucial for us to get to know you, we do not accept applications via mail or fax. All applicants must come in person to apply. We are looking for only exceptional individuals dedicated to providing outstanding service.

We accept applications from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Be prepared to be interviewed by one of our counselors. It is imperative that you bring all you paper work including:

  • Proof of Legal Status
  • Drivers License
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Names & Numbers of all previous employee
  • Proof of TB Screening
  • Proof of CPR course or willing to be trained
  • Consent to allow for a complete criminal background check (available in office)
call Palos Verdes Domestic Agency to find a great nanny for your family.
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